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Sagittarius Horoscope: Sagittarius Zodiac Sign Dates Compatibility, Traits and Characteristics

Your interest in great schools of thought and in the ideas that have shaped modern thinking relates both to your higher mind and to continuing study as a consequence. This is the human side of the centaur at work, believing it can rise above its less thoughtful and sophisticated starting point. At the same time the animal basis of your symbol ensures you always retain a solid footing in the real world, with quite a down to earth emphasis, yet still the ability to soar unscathed over all but the most insurmountable of obstacles. In the interests of stretching your four metaphorical legs and broadening your outlook too, most Sagittarians love to travel, which can mean anything from a lively predeliction for regular vacations in faraway places, right through to the exploration of uncharted lands.

Underneath, your motivation remains largely the same though. You journey not for relaxation or for escape, but in pursuit of wisdom and enlightenment.

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In fact, you are probably equally adept at both these activities to be honest, but the learning outcomes always will remain as your primary motivation. Besides, remembering your fondness for wide open spaces, you could decide that a break in the countryside or a walking, riding or cycling holiday suits you better than that standard fortnight beside the sea. In addition you share an affinity with those from different societies and cultures, finding that intriguing social differences help to keep your relationships alive. As you discover more about people from other backgrounds for instance, you broaden your insight into your own condition as well.

Since expanding your mind and increasing your range of experience is what you adore, your penchant for travel is accompanied by a drive to extend your intellectual horizons, developing your knowledge and understanding at the same time. Asparagus, pinks, dock, carnations, dandelions - thought weeds by some.

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Again this can cover a broad spectrum of activities, including everything from reading widely and watching informative documentaries on television, through to the active pursuit of further and higher education at college or university in a post-compulsory scenario. After that the Moon moves from Sagittarius to Capricorn. Be considerate and fair in all your communications with others today, especially with siblings, relatives and neighbours. People are watching you. Or to put it another way, you will be noticed.

Why not be noticed for being a hero? You might encounter disputes about shared property, inheritances or something to do with the wealth or the responsibilities of others. This is definitely the day to take the high road. When everything goes smoothly, you cannot practice patience.

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You can only practice patience, when your patience is challenged. Therefore, consider this day a wonderful opportunity because today you have the chance to cultivate practicing patience with partners and close friends. Today you have a chance to impress coworkers, customers and people related to your job; and possibly, something that is not job-related but related to your health or a pet.

According to Shakespeare, the course of true love never did run smooth. This is the nature of life. But hey, nothing we do ever runs smoothly forever — especially romance. And dealing with kids! Consider this a chance for you to cultivate patience. Grab those Brownie points! Today you might encounter challenging situations with family members, especially female relatives.

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  • The key is to think of your long-term objective. You want to get along because family is gold — and sometimes you have to go along to get along, right?

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    It was ever thus. Maintain your cool today because this is a potentially accident-prone day. An accident might be physical or verbal. Therefore, pay attention to everything you say and do.

    Stay chill. Smart management in retail or the hospitality industry, knows that an unhappy customer can be turned around into a lifelong fan with the right approach. They know how to spin a bad situation into something positive.

    age-music.com.ua/sites/default/files/tixymazi/294.php You can do this today, especially with financial matters. The Full Moon today is in your sign during the morning. This can create stress with partners and close friends. Ironically, these are the people you really love, so why alienate them?